Current Cameras (Updated 07/12)

So what equipment does it take to do what I do? I try to keep my gear & software purchases to a minimum. I like using quality products, but I am careful not to get stuck in the tech rat race. I rarely upgrade for the sake of upgrading. A new version of a product has to really be a jump ahead technically for me to abandon the current product I'm using. You'll see some of that below. Additionally, I need to actually *need* the new features for me to justify the expense. There are tons of super-amazing products with cool technology out there that wows me. But I have to make sure the technology will demonstrably make my end-product better or generate more revenue to justify the financial outlay.

4 Tips for Getting Fans to Your Shows with Social Media

Promoting live music requires merging offline and online marketing techniques. Here are some tips for what you should be focusing on when trying to get fans to your shows.

Producing The Soundtrack To Our Listeners’ Lives

I’m a rabid music fan and a news-talk junkie. But I’m a fair-weather radio listener. I love radio but I’ve done as much damage to the radio industry as the next guy. I’ve made controlling the personal consumption of media a science.

10 Commandments for Social Media Client Relations

 I have come up with this list of commandments to act as a clear directive about how we behave when it comes to our relationships. Some of these come from defining challenges I personally have when dealing with clients, some address the approach I take with online public relations, and others just make sense from a "best practices" point-of-view. We will refer to it daily and will make changes as appropriate.

Bar Band - Premium Photo Set 25 Is Now Available!

This release of the Live.Loud.Texas Premium Photo Membership comes from a small bar in Denton, Texas.

Cemetery - Premium Photo Set 23 Is Now Available!

This release of the Live.Loud.Texas Premium Photo Membership comes from a small cemetery in the heart of Denton, Texas.

— Shrdlu
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