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Giovanni Gallucci manages a boutique marketing agency under disown name which provides aerial video, photography, search, and social media solutions for clients in music, film, television, travel, tech/startups, sports, and causes.

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Latest Blog Posts

4 Tips for Getting Fans to Your Shows with Social Media

Promoting live music requires merging offline and online marketing techniques. Here are some tips for what you should be focusing on when trying to get fans to your shows.

Producing The Soundtrack To Our Listeners’ Lives

I’m a rabid music fan and a news-talk junkie. But I’m a fair-weather radio listener. I love radio but I’ve done as much damage to the radio industry as the next guy. I’ve made controlling the personal consumption of media a science.

Lyric Video: Curtis Grimes - Our Side Of The Fence

My new lyric video for Curtis Grimes' "Our Side Of The Fence" released today featuring his fans! Are you in it? Recognize any friends?

What Does The (Fire)fox Say?

Let the fiasco happening over at the Mozilla Foundation between its now former CEO, Brendan Eich, and a group of employees with twitter accounts serve as a warning to all of us.

Quick & Easy Social Media News Tools For Radio

Social media is relevant because that’s where listeners consume the majority of their media. Radio must evolve with the listener by using Facebook, twitter, and YouTube to interact and engage with them while publicizing the station’s shows, events, and advertisers.

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